Friday, July 22, 2011

Apron Prize is Home

Quite a few months ago, because my wedding got in the way, I had an apron giveaway.  My aunt won the drawing for her own custom retro half-apron.  Consequently, she asked me to make the apron as a surprise for her soon-to-be daughter-in-law.  I always love sewing surprise gifts!  I was told the bride's favorite colors and I went to work.  What came out of it was a very bright fun piece with an added heirloom. I used one of my grandmother's (and her soon-to-be grandmother's) tea towels as the detachable towel on the front.  I'm told she loves it, so I'm very glad.  Here are pictures of it before it was sent and then a picture of Hannah modeling her new apron.  I hope it sees lots of cookery and baking in the years to come as sweet Hannah marries my dear cousin. Congratulations you two!

with the towel detached   
If you'd like your own custom apron leave a comment or message me and I'd love to talk to you about it!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Pea's Goods

"What do you want to be when you grow up, Lara?" "An artist."  Well I guess I've finally grown up.  I'm thoroughly enjoying working with my friend, Linda, at Sweet Pea's Antiques.  It's always a delight to talk about projects and new ideas with other creative people.  She gave me the opportunity to show her my projects recently and then proceeded to buy every single one!  I'm so grateful.  I thought I'd share some pictures of what she bought and some pictures of their new temporary home at the shop (until they go home with someone). Sweet Pea's is a pink dreamland of fun antiques and crafty whimsies.  If you live in my area, it is a MUST-SEE.

It was hard to give up my vintage greeting cards but I guess I don't need 100 of them

I didn't make the shoes but they were a dandy find anyway

I took these in the middle of one of our severe summer thunderstorms

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Help Me Name Baby Towel

I made this baby towel and wash mitt for my friend, Amanda, out of terry cloth.  It ties around the mother's neck so she can have her hands free to pick up and dry the baby easily.  Can you help me come up with a name? It was fun and easy to make and my friend liked it. To make it, I basically just sewed to pieces of terry cloth together; as you would if you were making a pillowcase.  Then I sewed all the way around, an inch from the outside seams to keep the fabric from rolling and appliqued the whale on. Comment with your name ideas below.
Thank you!

This is a closeup of the mitt on my shoulder and the tie at the neck

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Little Projects

Just thought I'd post pictures of a few recent projects.
I wanted our master bathroom to remind us of our honeymoon at the beach. So I painted a picture on the wall of a seashell using pearl paint. Then I took shells that I had gathered on the beach and strung them together and framed one of them. It made a very outdated bathroom feel more peaceful and put-together.