Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paper Roses

Here's todays music to view by:
These warm sunny winter days are making me anxious for Spring.  Today I went for a walk without a coat and it was invigorating!  Someday I hope to have a greenhouse, like my neighbor's, to start my little sprouts in.  The birds were joyfully soaring around in the warmth above me. Next time I've got to carry the longer range lens to show you their beautiful colors.  I found my vibrant belt, that I'm wearing as a scarf, in the bottom of a pile of fabrics at my favorite place: The Scrap Exchange. If anyone of my readers can tell me what country it might be from, I'd be very grateful.
I can hardly wait for Valentine's Day! I think I mostly like it because no one bats an eye when you combine pink and red. I'm always trying to sport the combination at other times of the year, too.  I made this paper flower wreath to put on my front door. I didn't have wire to form a wreath so I just cut out some cardboard and used the wires on the back of the tissue flowers to attach them.  If you think you've seen these flowers here before, you're right!  My dear friend Stacy made them for our Wedding Shower back home.  They were also used for wedding decorations, and to decorate our getaway car.  I'll probably use them for various projects until they disintegrate because I enjoy them so much.  
Well, I've got to go now, hubby and I are going for BBQ. It's my new craving, thanks to Cookout!