Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Park

I dislike trying on clothes. I'll hold something up in the thrift store and just guess if something is going to fit me, then buy it.  At $1-2 a pop, if it doesn't fit I can donate it.  I fell in love with this blue top, but alas, when it came home with me, it shrank.  Or I bloated, more likely.
I thought and thought and schemed and pondered, but couldn't figure out a way to make it work.  Finally, I realized I could add strips of coordinating fabric on all the side seams!  Whew, it actually worked!
Last weekend, hubby and I took "the Dawwwg" to my favorite local park and I wore my newly completed Franken-top. 
Can you believe how blue the sky is?  It was another lovely and wild, North Carolina day.  This idea has started a dangerous precedent.  How many ill-fitting blouses will I now brazenly purchase, knowing I can slap some strips on it's sides?  I shudder to think.
Photography by David Wingler