Friday, July 23, 2010

Surf Chips

I was having too much fun sewing things, like the baby bib above, to take pics outside.  So you get a silly montage of me eating potato chips in my surf tee, with Missy. Look at her licking the salt off her lips! lol

At least I was wearing my new favorite earrings.  They're actual paper cranes that belonged to my Grandmother.  She must've received them as a gift when she was in Japan.  I bought the vintage romper at Thrift Town and the bib I made, is from one of her tea towels.  It was nice to get so many little things to remember her by.  I didn't think she would've minded me using her towel to give to  a new baby at my church, and it makes it extra special.

(tee: thrifted, skirt: gift from my friend's trip to the Philippines, no shoes, of course)