Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wedding in Review

I just realized after being married now for 9 months, that I never did a wedding post on this blog.  So I thought I'd share a few of our best wedding photos by the fabulous Adam Mowery.
My husband and I met online, I'm from CA and we now live here in his home state of NC.  I wanted a simple vintage Irish wedding but added a few Southern touches, too.  I'm wearing my mother's dress, that I altered to fit my 50's style. I loved the little chapel where we held the small ceremony, it's hard to find anything like that where I'm from.  My niece and nephew stole the show as the adorable flower girl and ringbearer. And David and I were so pleased with the music that was all done by Barrowburn, a local Celtic band. And I almost cried when my brother led us all in worship and added a custom line to David's favorite worship song. All that stress was for naught, because the Lord brought it all together perfectly. No, it wasn't my dream wedding but it was a simple and sincere celebration and committment before the Father. AND I just happened to get the most loving husband in the history of the world!