Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Brick in the Wall

"Hey Teacher!" I felt kinda "schoolgirl" in this outfit today, too.  It's been cooler here, Fall is moving in and the kids are already back to the books.  I don't ever remember ending summer vacation before September when I was a kid. I feel sorry for munchkins nowadays that have to get on the yellow bus while it's still August.  I think I used to get more excited about shopping for notebooks and pencils than any other part of the back to school process.
I just can't stop wearing my new favorite necklace that I bought at the public garden that David took me to.  There were the same beautiful yellow butterflies all over the grounds.  It was a special day in a lovely place that I'll never forget.  I gathered these seashells on the beach to make another necklace.  As we sat in the sand with the tide washing over us, I grabbed any pieces that had orangey stripes to match my sweetheart's gorgeous ginger hair.
Because it's now stuck in my head, I'll share it with you.  Don't miss the nice guitar solo near the end!
(top:F21, skirt:dress I bot on my trip, Macy's clearance for $5! Woohoo!, sandals: Rite Aid)

Manolo Blahnik Feather Heels : Manolo Blahnik | CHIQ

Manolo Blahnik Feather Heels : Manolo Blahnik | CHIQ
I think these gorgeous blush pink strappy heels with blush maribou feather details cascading down the front, will spark a trend for all kinds of feather applications on footwear next Spring.

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