Monday, June 28, 2010

Free Freedom Dress

I grabbed this dress at the last minute before they closed the Clothes Swap at the Maker Faire.  All I had to do was bring clothes to share that I no longer wanted.  It fits me perfect.  I think I'll eventually shorten it, though.  I didn't realize I was looking patriotic until I got to church on the Sunday before Independence Day.  I can't really play my mom's organ yet.  I just started taking piano lessons from her.  Ahem...actually I need to get back into it.  Haven't practiced or had a lesson for a few months.  But I do really want to play.  Did you know that organ playing is a dying art?  Just like sewing; not many know how to do it anymore.

(belt: pulled from a 70's jumpsuit in the closet, bag: hand-me-down, shoes: borrowed from Mom's closet, my favorite heart bobby pin: Ross)

Yellow Saturday

Found this cool vintage thermos in Mom's pantry.
My parents and I drove up to Lake Tahoe to visit with my brothers and their families at their church camp.
God's beautiful creation!
It was a nice camp resort called Meeks Bay.
Miss V in her beach attire with a "fierce face".
This scene had a very 4th of July feel!  I love those patriotic swimsuits.

Throwing rocks with my niece.  Special memories.
Look at that cute baby-belly!
Playing with my camera self-timer in the back seat on the way home. Mmm, Tootsie Pop!

My little travel trinkets; poor Mr. Butterfly was dead on the side of the road.

(Jacket: JcPenney, tank: Thrift Town, levi's: hand-me-down)