Monday, August 15, 2011

Bats and Bugs

Last night after the thunderstorm came and went I took my dog for a walk.  She was desperate for some exercise.  As I strolled through the mist and fireflies, a rabbit ran from our approach.  Then I looked up into the night sky because something caught my eye. I realized after a few moments I was watching another fascinating creature that I hadn't yet seen, since I moved here. It wasn't a bird up there silently flying around in the dark. They were small bats, catching their insect meal. Sometimes it feels like the Lord is bringing all these amazing animals around me, just because He knows how much I get a kick out of them!

There is this striking dragonfly that comes to visit me often, when I'm working on my little garden.

After he leaves my little lizard friend comes to greet me, too.

I finally finished my carpenter bee painting. To me they look like flying black and yellow teddy bears.

 Next I hope to paint the white moth.