Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I bought my office chair at a yard sale for $8 this summer and it works great.  It was just WAY too boring in all black.  So I decided to spruce it up a bit.  I recovered the back support with some great fabric that a friend had also found at a yard sale, for $5 for 4 bolts.  It was very easy to recover; I just unscrewed the 2 screws in the back and then glued the yellow fabric over the old fabric and screwed it back on, tucking the fabric in around the edges.  I thought about recovering the seat also but I wanted something more creative than a matching seat. And since I've been enamored with bees lately, I thought I'd paint on some yellow stripes!  I just used some clear packing tape we had, to guide the paint as you can see here.
Then I got out my 99 cent acrylic yellow craft paint and started painting my stripes.  I went into the other room to watch TV while the paint dried.  A few hours later I came back and the paint was already dry but the stripes seemed paler than I had wanted, so I added another coat of paint.  I went back to another activity until the paint dried. Soon after that I was talking to my hubby and then as he turned to leave I noticed something on the back of his shorts.  Well, I figured out why my stripes were pale. And I realized that one should not assume that one's spouse is aware, and should always put up a "WET PAINT" sign when painting furniture. My sweet hubby had decided to work on my computer while I was in the other room and had inadvertently added bumblebee stripes to the posterior of his nice khaki shorts! Look here:
Oh well, sorry Honey. At least my chair turned out the way I wanted. :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pinterest Obssession

Ok, I think I need a pinterest intervention. It's great for a visual stimulation junkie like me.  But, I have found MANY great ideas from it that will save me lots of dough in the long run. Somewhere I saw the idea of making a scarf from a sweater sleeve. I had bought this ugly orange fuzzy sweater at the Thrift Store to cover a pillow for Fall.  I don't look good in orange but I do love it so I thought I'd make a scarf out of it.
I cut the sleeves off.

Then I coated the raw edges at the shoulder with No-Fray glue. And then sewed the larger ends together, keeping the raw edges inside and unseen.

Next I took the smaller ends and held them together.....
and then twisted one end. This will make one continuous but full-bodied scarf.
Then I sewed the small ends together.

All done.
And there you have it! It's perfect for Autumn. Can't until the weather is cool enough to need it.