Thursday, August 5, 2010

"The Farm Theotime"

I read this "Prix Renaudot", award-winning book right after high school and loved it.  It's  an english translation of a book by Henri Bosco about the farm life in rural Provence.  I first fell in love with the cover, which is my favorite shade of magenta.  But the story leaves you with a quiet sense of the beauty of living from the earth. "Green Acres, is the place for me!"  I also have a romantic view of another agrarian culture; Mexico.  That is where I bought this beloved blouse.  If you ever go to Mexico, bring back a beautiful piece of traditional clothing or a striped blanket or pottery.  For me, those charming trinkets become more endearing over time.

(blouse:Mexico, belt:hand-me-down, shorts: thrifted hemmed up pants, shoes: Rite Aid, book: The Farm Theotime, from a Yard Sale)