Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This Green Life

I'm so inspired by my new surroundings.  It's wild and teeming with life.
I had needed a piece of furniture to store all my treasured doo-dads and art and craft supplies but it wasn't in the budget. Then I remembered this old dresser that a former roommate had left in our basement.  It needed some work; it had a broken handle and a few chips in the laminate.  I went through my whittled down stash of fabric that had traveled across the country with me.  I found my favorite pieces and then ironed and glued them with good ol' Elmer's glue, to my drawer fronts.  I'm really happy with the results, too. The bright colors inspire me, too.
My next home project is to refinish our dining room table.  It's gonna take a while.
And now that I have a whole room to paint in, I'm excited to start painting again. I plan to do a series on the insects that surround me here.  I think their created beauty is under- appreciated and I hope to highlight it in my paintings.