Friday, March 30, 2012


(for your listening pleasure)

You know those adorable dresses and skirts you see at the store? The ones you try on and then realize they have a mini-skirt?  Yeah, I had some of those. Thankfully, I have a mom back in CA that misses thrift shopping with me.  She sent me a bunch of cute clothes, but since I couldn't try them on they were too small.  
So I took 2 dresses and made them into one. A "2fer"!  The coral colored dress was a short tunic style dress I had bought and I attached the skirt from another too-small dress underneath.  The brown plaid skirt was a itty-bitty sundress; so I took the skirt off of it and added the bottom half of another brown skirt.  I'm excited to try this technique on some other clothes that are wasting away in a huge pile of unfinished projects and fabric.
Spring is in full bloom here and I'm enjoying the evidence of God's hand all around me. Pause and look around; drink it all in and thank the One who made it all.


  1. love this photography!!! :D woww i'm so impressed with your blog! it's so unique!! different with others!! come visit my blog and let's follow each other ^^ HAVE A NICE WEEKEND ^^

  2. Thank you, Winda! I am now a follower of your blog on bloglovin. Looks like fun!