Monday, August 16, 2010

Time for..... LEOPARDY!

Here I am cleaning out the old motorhome so my Pop can sell it.  The other day, David said that my leopard print hat looked awful with my magenta silk dress.  Well, I explained to him that I wear animal prints as if they were neutrals.  If Betsey Johnson can do it, then so can I.  See!  (I don't know if my conservative guy is gonna go for that argument.)
The outfit I wore above, reminds me of this cute little guy that I bought for another cute little guy's birthday.  My little friend, Nathan, was so excited to get a Canadian coin in the mail from his grandparents so I told him I'd get him a bank to put his money in.
In the meantime, I'm working on duplicating this dress for a client, also known as my friend, Jen.  
She picked out a nice blue and gray large flower print and thankfully agreed to model it for us after I complete it. Yay!

(peach RL polo: Thrift Town, leopard skirt: Eco Thrift, Gold Flip-Flops: Ross, Bracelet: from Ethiopia)

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