Thursday, June 24, 2010

Double Whammy

So today you get two for the price of one! I'm, of course, wearing what I wore today AND showing the tote bag I made. I had made a Strawberry Shortcake one for my niece, since my sister-in-law likes S.S.. And she used it so much, we talked about one for my nephew. Well, I know my brothers used to drive me a little nuts with their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle obssession,'s the TMNT bag for my little "Mr. T". And I pity the fool, who don't think it's bright enough! If you'd like me to make a custom Tote for you, at a reasonable rate, email me. Thanks!, Belle :)
P.S. Notice how my dog, Missy, has to be in the middle of everything.
*The top one is later on the phone with my David, just like every night. I thought I should get a pic of my makeup today, since I never wear this much. Just did it for fun.

(shirt:Forever21, jeans:thrift, brooch:was Gramma's, shoes: Ross)

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